In the legal profession, Spanish speaking skills are becoming an important asset—especially if you live in South Florida. If Spanish is your first language, or if you have a family member who only speaks Spanish, it behooves you to find a commercial lawyer who is bilingual. Whether you are from Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, or any other Spanish-speaking country, you deserve proper representation in commercial matters.

Here are a few reasons to hire a bilingual attorney.

Easier Communication

This is one of the most important reasons you should hire a lawyer who speaks Spanish. You will be able to communicate more easily and effectively, which helps you and your attorney avoid any expensive misunderstandings. Another aspect of your lawyer’s job includes reading contracts, commercial codes, or court orders from another country—they may need to translate many of these documents from English to Spanish (or vice versa) in order to make an effective case.

Build Comfort and Trust

A language barrier can breed mistrust, particularly in an attorney-client relationship. Since you will likely be working with this legal professional for weeks, if not months or years, it’s important to choose someone you trust. That means choosing someone who can effectively translate the law for you and describe what steps they will be taking. When you find a commercial lawyer who speaks Spanish, you will feel more comfortable throughout the entire legal process when you can clearly understand what is happening at every stage.

Boost Your Rate of Success

If two parties speak different languages, miscommunication may arise. Any translation mistakes can lead to costly confusion. When your lawyer is able to understand your situation, your wants, and your goals, they can avoid any errors that come from misinterpretation and represent you more effectively. Your chances of success go up because you are both able to successfully do your part.

Save Time and Energy

You or your relative no longer have to go through the trouble of hiring a translator or bringing along a friend or family member to translate. While many courts do provide an interpreter, much of the work you need to win a commercial case happens outside of court. They may not understand the nuances of your legal case, leading to a less-than-ideal outcome. A Spanish-speaking attorney removes that barrier to legal representation.

Find a Commercial Lawyer Who Speaks Spanish in Your Area

The chances of a favorable outcome go up when you can effectively communicate with your lawyer. Whether you need a professional to review or draft a commercial contract, represent you in a court proceeding, or assist you in any other commercial legal matters, you will feel more secure with a Spanish-speaking attorney by your side.

At Saltiel Law Group, our attorneys pride themselves in being able to represent you in both English and Spanish. For a consultation on your commercial situation, call us at 305-735-6565.